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Why do I take more than I need?

Consider for a moment that I rely on my eyes to help determine what or how much I need and yet these magnificent input devices are far from capable of seeing the whole picture and what I do see is filtered through a vast network of millions of miles of neural pathways and interpretive brain systems all designed to decide what this body needs  to continue to live…“right now”. 

Yup right now is all my body knows and it’s doing everything that is needed for my survival in real time. I cannot stop my teeth from growing nor can I make them grow any faster then has been determined by the design of nature. I may think  that by taking a certain supplement or rubbing a potion into my scalp that I’m making my hair grow but at best “i” am influencing a function of nature and for that matter it appears that the “i” am comprised of over 100 trillion organisms so whoever is doing what “i” think I’m doing has some explaining to do.

Goddess Lakshmi sitting in a lotus flower carried by a turtle.Another part of the answer is that I’m simply another creature driven by nature to continue to live and a part of my brain governed by instinctual survival, drives me to take more in order that I might live into the next moment.

Logically it is not that I need more “right now” but a function of brain that I am now aware of continually  inaccurately scans and filters all event data as if it is happening now and by default determines MORE is needed because the future is unknown.

This part of brain is quick to disrupt me with painful emotional messages to motivate me to get more now. Fear and Pain are my brain’s way of getting my attention to make something stop happening that it judges is a threat to my continuation.

I demand that we stop having less right now or we’ll die!stewyg

Disruptive separating emotions in many cases are attached to events that have already happened, those that no longer exists or about a future thought or idea about an event that does not exist.

Consider the difference between actually burning a finger on a hot stove or the image of a child about to run after a soccer ball into a  busy intersection. One is about stopping the burning and the other is about an imagined idea of what might happen. Both cause a part of brain to respond as if something needs to be done immediately.

Sometimes painful emotional messages get attached to thoughts about what is imagined and or the memories of  events that no longer exist…events when I “almost did not make it” (but I did make it) which inaccurately trigger me to to take MORE now even though I have more than I need right now.

The reality is that I’m alive because it is in the nature of life that I be alive. Nature would not have it any other way. When part of brain is not busy planning on how to get more,  I’m aware that the earth is over flowing with more than enough for all of our species to live comfortably.

Prayer, mediation and neuroscience are where I imagine I and my fellow humans might find the imperfect but satisfying solutions to living kindly with each other as we pass through the human condition.

Why I see “Root canal” as a health tragedy.

With a gut intuition that perhaps my teeth might be involved in my health and sinus issues, I’ve been doing some research around the root canal teeth in my mouth. The excerpt below sums up what I had not considered or been told when the kindly dentist pushed a clip board with a waiver release in front of me to sign.

Dentistry is the only medical/paramedical profession that considers it O.K. to leave dead infected tissue in the body. No medical practitioner would consider leaving gangrenous tissue in the body. Unfortunately there are no good alternatives for this situation.

The only treatment for dead tissue in the body is to remove it. Therefore the treatment of choice is to extract a dead tooth rather than root fill it. It is also important to remove any infected tissue from around the tooth. This usually requires a very easy surgical approach to access the end of the socket. Although this does not sound attractive, the results usually are, and the actual surgery is usually very easy.
– Dr. Robert Gammal

I have plans to have my root canal teeth removed by Dr. Lagos using the Huggins protocol and will report of my experience in a future post.

Largest Zinc Acetate Lozenge In The World Cures Common Cold


Disclaimer: Zinc Acetate may not technically “cure” the common cold but it does stop the virus that causes the cold from replicating.

“The story behind this amazing discovery begins with a three-year-old girl who felt a cold coming on who was especially susceptible to severe colds because she was receiving immunosuppressive chemotherapy for acute T-cell leukemia. Her doctor had prescribed 50 milligram zinc gluconate tablets to help raise her zinc levels and stimulate her T-cell immune response. By chance, she was given a zinc tablet that she refused to swallow just as she was beginning to feel sick with the cold. She fell asleep with the slowly dissolving tablet still in her mouth. Hours later, she felt fine. The cold had disappeared.”

For years I’ve used “Cold-Eeze” zinc gluconate lozenges and noticed some relief but never a complete knock out of the cold.  It is essentially a hard candy drop. There is also an artificially sweetened version. In my quest to find a lower sugar solution without artificial sweeteners, I researched and read about another form of zinc proven to more effective to stop or diminish the symptoms of a cold.

At the center of this research was George Eby “father of zinc for colds” and father of that little girl who didn’t get a cold.

George Eby’s early research lead to the creation of “Cold-Eeze”. This fascinating article describes that even as he was arguing with the company that makes Cold Eeze and the scientific community that his later research proved that zinc “Acetate” is most effective not  Gluconate, he was oddly still receiving royalties for his earlier contribution.

Since switching to the Life Extension brand which is formulated to Eby’s most current research, the results have been noticeably remarkable. My experience is that at the first tickle or suspect sneeze, after allowing these rather huge Zinc Acetate lozenges to slowly melt in my mouth the result is I either don’t get a cold or if I do the symptoms are significantly lessened and it passes much quicker. Bottom line is I’m less snotty.