Root Canal & Implant Removal Follow Up

It has now a little over a year since I traveled to Tijuana Mexico to the dental offices of Jesus Carlos Ornelas for the removal of an infected root canal tooth, an infected implant and two metal crowns.  E-Max (lithium disilicate ceramic porcelain) replacement crowns were used.

Prior to this dental surgery I began a regime of multiple high doses of liposomal vitamin C and have continued taking one envelope a day.

Dr. Ornelas only agreed to do the surgery if agreed to a preoperative anti inflammatory shot and to promise that I would take a full seven day prescription of antibiotics and oral anti inflammatory medicine. He explained that he did not want me to be swelled up like a chipmunk and that the anti inflammatories  would also aid in the healing. Remarkably I did not swell up!

The antibiotics did their job of keeping the two healing  surgery points from becoming infected and destroyed enough of the healthy bacteria in my stomach that I am still taking a a pro-biotic supplement everyday.

Of the removal of the old metal crown, implant and amalgam fillings, and the unique cell platelet healing procedure, Dr. Ornelas did an excellent job, On the replacement fillings, one has since fallen out.

Of my general health I can report that the previous reoccurring incidences of cold, sinus infections,  cough flu like symptoms that had plagued me for years have completely subsided. In the past year I’ve had one short duration cold/flu like episode which passed with ease.

During a recent examination at UCSF dental clinic. the disappearance of the hard node lumps on the side of my neck where the root canal tooth was removed was confirmed. The  D.D.S. did a full lymph examination of my neck and reported all was well.




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