Liposomal vitamins

“…liposome encapsulated vitamin C, taken orally, was roughly 10 times more effectively clinically in resolving infectious diseases than the IVC.” … “As an aside, I am quite sure that a few packets of each would resolve the swine flu in a day or two at the most. ” Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

What are Liposomes? A liposome is a microscopic bubble made from two layers of specialized molecules called phospholipids. This durable, double-layer “membrane” is nearly identical to the membrane that surrounds each cell in the body. Just as the cell membrane keeps the contents of the cell inside and intact, a liposome can “contain” and protect whatever substance is placed inside its membrane.

Why these products? After watching the 60 minutes report of Allan Smith’s recovery from Swine Flu I was astounded at the effects that this form of liposomal Vitamin C appeared to have on his death bed recovery and began using this form of C myself to recover from what seemed like endless sinus and upper respiratory infections. I’m now feeling healthier and attribute this to  getting the optimal amount of vitamin C into the cells of my body.

Taking 2 packets a day I just began to feel better and think clearer.  The sinus infection and cold/flu like symptoms have all disappeared, my energy levels continue to improve. I’ll be 53 this year and one of the other noticeable effects that I’d never experienced while taking other forms of vitamin C is the way my skin has begun to feel smoother. Will taking this form of Vitamin C will cause me to live longer? That is possible but I do know that I feel better each day and for this I am grateful.  If you choose to order the Livon labs liposomal C,  using this link will support this site. Thank you.
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