Why I see “Root canal” as a health tragedy.

With a gut intuition that perhaps my teeth might be involved in my health and sinus issues, I’ve been doing some research around the root canal teeth in my mouth. The excerpt below sums up what I had not considered or been told when the kindly dentist pushed a clip board with a waiver release in front of me to sign.

Dentistry is the only medical/paramedical profession that considers it O.K. to leave dead infected tissue in the body. No medical practitioner would consider leaving gangrenous tissue in the body. Unfortunately there are no good alternatives for this situation.

The only treatment for dead tissue in the body is to remove it. Therefore the treatment of choice is to extract a dead tooth rather than root fill it. It is also important to remove any infected tissue from around the tooth. This usually requires a very easy surgical approach to access the end of the socket. Although this does not sound attractive, the results usually are, and the actual surgery is usually very easy.
– Dr. Robert Gammal

I have plans to have my root canal teeth removed by Dr. Lagos using the Huggins protocol and will report of my experience in a future post.

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